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An intraoral camera is a small instrument that is used during comprehensive dental evaluations. By employing these little pen-like tools, general dentist Dr. Nick Dovey can have a much better, high-resolution view of your gums and teeth. An intraoral camera captures all angles of your mouth as it creates a live video that will be displayed on a connected screen. This video can allow for a more precise diagnosis to be made because your entire mouth will be visible. The camera system can also be used during a procedure to give Dr. Dovey a better visual of your mouth as a whole. During your initial consultation at Finest City Dental in San Diego, CA, Dr. Dovey will demonstrate all of the advantages that intraoral cameras offer to modern dental practices.

Best Candidates

Being able to view your gums and teeth with the use of an intraoral camera can be useful for every patient. This technology will help you visualize your dental issues by showing you that clear image of the issue displayed on the connected screen. A handy instrument for both you and Dr. Dovey, intraoral cameras can allow our team to provide you with a much more precise diagnosis. They can also make it much easier to determine your ideal treatment options.

What To Expect

Having size and shape very similar to that of a pencil, an intraoral camera is a versatile tool that transmits live video from inside your mouth to a screen. Dr. Dovey will slide the camera over your gums and teeth while watching the pictures on the screen. He will also have the ability to capture images to be used for a more thorough evaluation. By allowing you and Dr. Dovey to see the pictures on a monitor, a more educated decision and treatment program can be made. The use of this tool can ultimately lead you to have a better understanding of your oral health as a whole.


When an issue is discovered using the intraoral camera, Dr. Dovey will talk to you regarding the right treatment choices available to correct it. After a plan is created, you will need to schedule your appointment(s) at Finest City Dental to begin your care. Generally, these cameras are useful in identifying a problem in its early stages. This way, your treatment will take less time and be less invasive. This technology can also be utilized during your procedure to give Dr. Dovey an even clearer view of your mouth.

Insurance Coverage

Generally, the use of this technology is included in every dental examination and most procedures. Before your exam or procedure, our staff will contact your insurance provider to ascertain any personal expenses. Finest City Dental accepts several payments, including medical financing.

Intraoral Camera

Using an intraoral camera throughout your dental examination or procedure can allow more efficient diagnoses to be made. At Finest City Dental, we're pleased to provide this equipment to give you the best and most accurate treatment possible. To get more information about our state-of-the-art dental technologies, contact our office in San Diego, CA and schedule an appointment with general dentist Dr. Dovey.

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